YAMAHA 最新小排量輕檔車 MT 125 台灣官方會不會引進呢??

YAMAHA 最新小排量輕檔車 MT 125

New MT-125 - Don't be afraid of the dark

http://bit.ly/1kWa6w7 Yamaha's new generation of MT models have totally shaken up the world of motorcycling. With their radical style and ultra cool image, the MT family is all about pure riding emotion. Now the new MT-125 is here. And the 125cc class is never going to be the same again! The newest member of the MT family gets a full-size naked chassis and radical streetfighter style that’s built for maximum excitement. Just like the larger capacity MT models the new MT-125 demands attention wherever you go – and with its serious attitude and uncompromising good looks, the latest MT gets total respect on the street.
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